Global Forming provides complete service capabilities for welding, robotic welding, stamping, roll forming, e-coat services, and component assembly. Most of our products are built to a custom sweep, with additional capabilities for custom design cut-off dies to eliminate secondary operations.

Our production capacity can also meet whatever low and high volume production needs you may have, ranging from  short run needs low service to high volumes of 4 million pieces per year.


 • Multi-gun spot - projection welding

 • Trump Laser Welder with automated Motoman robotics


 • Previously purchased two Automated stations


 • Ranging in size from 12 ton -150 ton / Bed sizes upt ot 48" x 84"


 • Special tooling, which eliminates some secondary operations

Roll Formers

 • Seven Roll form lines ranging from 1.5" - 2.5" with pre-notch capabilities

Specialty Part Materials

 • Bronze

 • Brass

 • Aluminum

 • Stainless steel

 • High strength low alloy

 • Galvanize

 • Pre-paint

 • Teflon coated steel

Engineering and Project Capabilities

 • Short lead-times on prototype and production tooling

 • Extensive knowledge with new program management