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Assembly Capabilities at Global Forming

Whether it’s an OEM or major part supplier, an ongoing effort of those customers is the quest to achieve ever-greater operational efficiency. One of the ways customers do that is by minimizing the number of process tasks they must undertake. This is where the assembly capabilities at Global Forming become a competitive advantage.
factory with large assembly machinery

How Assembly Saves Time and Money

Mechanical assembly of multiple metal parts means finished components ready for installation on a manufacturer’s assembly line or production run process. This means fewer vendors involved in the production of a component, fewer tasks to be completed by the OEM or supplier, fewer transportation costs, and less time of parts being transported, warehoused, and handled.

Because Global Forming value-added assembly services are quick, accurate, and efficient, customers enjoy significant savings over alternatives. Those savings come by way of saving time, tooling, labor, transportation, and warehousing costs, as well as fewer defects and errors. We are deeply committed to shaping your metal parts and assembling them into tested components so they arrive when and where they’re needed, ready to install with minimal or no post-arrival processing required.

Factory assembly machine
Global Forming’s Assembly Capabilities

Among our assembly services to bring greater value to our customers are the following:

Nut Insertion
Global Forming has a variety of insertion presses for installing self-clinching fasteners into pre-punched, pre-formed, metal parts. We can handle a wide range of self-clinching nuts (stack nuts, stake nuts, weld nuts), studs, and standoffs to meet the needs of our customers.
Classic riveting to join metal parts together can be accomplished in automated processes with the right equipment, resulting in superior hold when assembling finished metal components ready for installation.
Among our welding capabilities are spot welding with multi-gun capabilities, multi-gun projection welding, MIG (metal inert gas) welding, TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, laser welding, and fully automated robotic welding. See our Welding page for more information.
One way to describe using clinch joints to hold pieces of metal together is that it’s like riveting without rivets. Instead, two or three pieces of sheet metal are joined together without the use of heat or adhesives by clinching them together in a kind of punch press where the pieces of metal are stacked together and then punched or pressed down into a die such that they are permanently cinched together. This clinching process produces a button-type, positive connection of two (or three layers) of sheet metal and is a cold-forming process.
Plastic/Metal Assemblies
Global Forming is part of Global Plastics, which allows us to execute assemblies combining plastic parts they make with metal parts we make into finished components ready for installation. This is a key advantage when metal-and-plastic combination assemblies are needed because both parts are being made by the same overall vendor rather than coordinating between multiple unrelated vendors.

If your company needs assembly services such as any of those listed above in order to receive the cost savings and efficiency benefits of accomplishing more with just one vendor, we invite you to learn more about Global Forming. Contact us to get the conversation started.